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We’ve all got that one best friend that is more like a sister luvr soul mate person that we just can’t seem to get enough of — HOWEVER if you’re not sure exactly where you and your best friend lie on the scale of friendship, here are10 Signs that You and Your BFF are in a Committed Relationship:

1. You are never required to wear pants around them. It isn’t even up for debate at this point. In fact, it’s kind of frowned upon to wear them.

2. You share a uniquely strange language that makes onlookers cringe in disgust and jealousy. Whether this “language” is a specific look, hand gesture, or instinctual understanding that one is required to break into a previously choreographed dance routine to Beyonce’s Crazy in Love, you and your BFF never miss an opportunity to show just how in sync you two really are.

3. You come as a packaged deal. If you find yourself hearing comments like: “I would love to take you with me to *insert cool event here*, but I’ve only got one extra ticket and we both know you’re not going without *insert BFF’s name here*,” then you should come to terms with the fact that you two are soul sistas— and everyone knows it.

4. You share a Netflix account. And let’s face it, you’re both watching the exact same shows and movies, fangirling over the exact same actors and actresses. It’s beautiful, really.

5. You don’t even bother with significant others because hey! You’ve got each other and that’s perfectly fine by you both.

6. You can share literally anything. I mean anything. Toothbrushes, bras, snacks, and secrets are all fair game (+ many more unnameable items).

7. You are willing to give up your last bite of fried rice for the sake of your BFF. That is true friendship. ’Nuff said.

8. You take far too many photos together and have at least one Titanic pose photo readily available at any given time. Let’s be real, sometimes you’re not sure whether you are looking at your own Instagram or her’s because every photo consists of the two of you.

9. You know each other’s passcodes and logins. There is no such thing as privacy in this relationship and you’re both more okay with it than you should be. In extreme cases, login information may correlate back to bestie’s name or birthday.

10. You can’t imagine loving anyone more than your BFF. Despite your obsessive and overall strange tendencies, you and your bestie are willing to do anything for each other simply because you love each other; and NO ONE can come between this bond!

With all that being said, go embrace your BFF! Or, if you don’t have a bestie, feel free to print out this list and ask every stranger you see if they’d be willing to “best friend” you (except for #1… #1 is a horrible thing to ask a stranger)

Peace out, Kayla🙂