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Everyone has a different middle school experience, some people look back and remember all the fun memories, some people look back and cringe at their fashion choices, but there is one thing we can all agree on: we were not prepared for the reality of what high school really is. This topic ranges from friends, to our bodies, to grades and upperclassmen. When real live high schoolers were asked what they wished they had known before high school, here is what they said:
•I wish I knew that you are more susceptible to loneliness in high school.
•The name your parents gave you may not be your official name.
•I wish I had known how little sleep I would get and how many tears I would shed, but most of all I wish someone would’ve told me that I need not dwell on the hard moments because the next day is always much better.
•Wish I had known Sodexo was who served lunch at school.
•Grades do matter your freshman year and you actually need sleep to function.
•I wish I knew how to be friends with my teacher or at least talk to them before High school.
•I wish someone told me not to take myself so seriously and not to take what others said so personally.
•I wish I knew I wasn’t going to grow anymore … 5’1 going strong.
•I wish I knew high school actually sucked. People last year were like its so fun and awesome!!!!! No boys!!!!!
•Not to get ambitious with the course selection freshman year because middle school education in no way prepares you for the high school curriculum (AKA Don’t take Honors Bio!!!).
•Have an open mind because your beliefs on things are likely to change.
•I wish i had known to pay attention when walking past hurdles on the track so i wouldn’t trip on the legs and face plant.
•I wish I knew that are people who can be extremely closed minded.
•I wish I knew that my personality and interests would grow and I may drift away from friends but that’s completely okay.
•I wish I knew that I didn’t have to be quiet or hold back comments to have friends.
•I wish I had known that I couldn’t rock the long men’s basketball shorts and fedora look.
•I wish I had known that I wasn’t going to stay in the same friend group from middle school for the rest of my life, but its not the end of the world.
•I wish I had known that I wouldn’t always have everything under control during high school.
•I wish I had known that people would judge me for wearing boxers in public.
•I wish I would have known that I didn’t just have to have one friend.
•I wish I knew that I would have to walk 100 miles across campus to get to my classes.
Although middle school never opened our eyes to these issues, almost everyone has learned to cope and adapt in their own ways. If you still haven’t settled in with the right friends and you’re already 9 months or a year or 2 years into high school, don’t worry about it. Good things come to those who wait. If you’re afraid to speak up in class, hopefully this will encourage you; next time someone riles you up and you have a sassy comment right at the tip of your tongue, go for it. Nobody is stopping you from speaking up except for you (and maybe the teacher but oh well, win some lose some). The endless array of nasty food from the cafeteria may seem never-ending, but in the long run high school only lasts four years out of about 70 or 80. It may seem painful and miserable and the worst thing ever- even worse than middle school, but high school is what you make of it.