IMG_0668As Mothers Day is almost behind us, I thought I would share with you grrls the history of my mothers day cards. IMG_0669 It began when my father took me to Walgreens to get a Mothers Day card when I was four. I decided to pick this one out and embellished with some red crayons I thought would be fit. This is one of my mother’s favorite cards because if you open it up it says “Through all the years of loving you.” I was four. Sensational. IMG_0670 Flash forward to when I was eight and I did this little garden book filled with pop up flowers and fences and a notebook in the back for… flower notes? I went all out. You know that advice men get on anniversaries to not do something amazing on the first date so it is easy to one up the next time? Well thats the same for cards because my mother has expected me to one up every year. It is quite difficult. IMG_0671 IMG_0673I was pretty proud of this one. All I had was a pen and paper but I knocked this one out. Unfortunately, it did not one up the famous garden card. IMG_0674 IMG_0672 IMG_0679 IMG_0682This years card was a one up and I have to say Im pretty proud. Bringing in my new artistic techniques. It was time to bring it to the real judge. Mom… could I finally beat my 8 year old self? her answer: “You’re pushin it.” … maybe next year stay gold, Zoe