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A teenage girl is an interesting creature. We are an infamous few, who are known for our radical mood-swings and opinionated nature. We crave attention, love, respect, and so much more. We are feared. We are envied. We are ridiculed. We are so many things, yet there is no clear definition. Why? We all have similar-ish traits, right? We all live different lives, but somehow we all have the same core experiences. We all have our first kiss, first period, and our first day of high school. With so many similarities, how is there no clear definition? 

Because we are individuals. We are all labeled “teenage girls,” but at the end of the day, we are all a unique individual. Yes, as I mentioned before, we all have many commonalities, but that doesn’t mean we are identical.

Instead, we are a diverse group. A group that cannot be labelled. So embrace your individuality, and give teenagehood your own definition. Challenge yourself to reinvent the notions of a teenage girl.

Need some inspiration? Read these quotes about women. I’ve always enjoyed quotes, and I hope you grrls do too!

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