Being clueless about the future and wondering which direction our lives are heading can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. I know this because I have, on multiple occasions, psyched myself out and lead myself to a complete panic by thinking too much on these topics.  Though as I have grown older and closer to making more major decisions in my life, I have realized that being clueless isn’t always and doesn’t have to be as terrible and as stressful as it is made out to be.

Now, don’t get me wrong, being a little panicked about feeling clueless is absolutely normal, but there are ways to look positively on being a tad bit clueless. When I feel clueless about decisions and issues in my life, I often look to learn more about every aspect of the situation I’m being faced with. My cluelessness makes me more curious, and my curiosity encourages me to explore and expand my knowledge. Although this tactic is much easier said than done, it is extremely helpful once put into practice, and I have found that it helps solve whatever situation I feel I have no power or knowledge over and makes my thoughts on the subject much clearer. In this context my cluelessness helps me become more knowledgeable. You know the old saying “knowledge is power”? Well, in this case, power over the situation helps calm the panic.

Many people, no matter what age, feel a bit clueless about what direction their life is heading in, or, for many students who are in high school and college, what career path to take. My advice to anyone out there who feels clueless about the future is to take the feeling of being clueless and run with it! Let your complete lack of knowledge about the future fuel how you live. I choose to look at things in a light of “you’ll never know if you don’t try.” I allow my curiosity and cluelessness of my situations in the world power what type of experiences I have and what actions I choose to take based on this prior knowledge. Whenever I feel clueless, I go out of my way to explore the subject that I feel unknowledgeable in, whether it be through research or actions that open my eyes and allow me to gain more intelligence on the topic. I have often found when I use this tactic and allow my cluelessness to fuel me, I become more knowledgable, I have a more positive out look on my life situations, and I realize that sometimes it’s not so bad to be clueless.



Artwork: Zoe W