If you haven’t seen Mervyn LeRoy’s The Bad Seed you’re missing out on one of the strangest horror movies available to the public, and that’s really saying something. Viewers are presented with a sweet, innocent, tap dancing, little girl who turns into a psychotic child drowning maniac. Quite the personality contrast, right? We think so too.

This month will center around the wonderful things about October as well as topics like how good it feels to be bad, DIY voodoo dolls, how to lead your own coven, and the best b*tch faces to make when cat called. This month will be fun filled with tricks and treats so get excited! Send all submissions whether they’re spooky photo diaries, DIY’s, questions for Dear Gina, movie reviews, etc. at grrlpunchmagazine@gmail.com!

To Do List for October

1. binge eat candy corn and bags of assorted halloween candy

2. watch all the halloween movies on Netflix

3. Attend the upcoming GrrlPunch event! October 30th, The Abbey, 7:00-11:00- be there or be square!

What is this upcoming event you ask? Well, GrrlPunch is super excited to announce we will be having concert/event type thing October 30th at The Abbey from 7:00 to 11:00. We will be selling all of our merchandise (including some new stuff you gals haven’t seen yet) as well as having musicians play! THIS EVEN WILL BE ROCKY HORROR THEMED BECAUSE WHO DOESN’T LOVE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW? We’ll keep you guys updated on new developments with the event including entry fee, who’s playing, ideas for Rocky costumes, and prices for merchandise on all GP social media forums including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Mark your calendars!

Much love always,