When did women get the memo that, on Halloween, costumes must be as “revealing” or as “sexy” as possible? As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen the common theme that costumes for my age have gotten more and more “revealing”. Is it a rule that as your age goes up, your costume size goes down? The avaiblity of cute, fun, scary and practical costumes seems to be less and less each year form my perspective as a high-schooler. I have even found myself looking at these types of costumes and questioning whether I should invest in one; not because I would enjoy to have a Halloween costume of the sort, but because a part of me feels obligated to buy a more “sexy” costume rather than a costume that would make be feel comfortable.

I think it’s terrible that parts of society have pressed young women, including myself, to feel obligated to wear “sexy” costumes on Halloween. Now, I’m not saying all women should immediately revolt and burn all Halloween costumes like these and go full zombie bride for Halloween (not that it isn’t a bad idea), but I am encouraging women and girls who feel obligated to wear “sexy” costumes to not let your obligation to society outweigh your personal comfort. But, to the women who enjoy wearing these Halloween costumes, well that’s absolutely wonderful that you are confident with your body in that way and I personally support you in your decision in wearing the sexiest costume that you want. So I suppose what I am saying to you lovely ladies, is that when deciding on your costume for this Halloween, do not feel obligated to wear a “revealing” costume: do what you want and wear what makes you comfortable.