I am thankful to be alive. I was born in Russia and my family life wasn’t perfect. I was taken out of family members homes and put into others. It wasn’t until my grandma’s neighbor found me in the flooded neighborhood bathroom that my life got any better.

After that incident, I was put into an orphanage and the whole waiting period started (you know, like the ones in movies). I was only in the orphanage for about a year and a half. I was blessed enough to be put with my forever family. A few years after my adoption, I found out that my orphanage had been shut down and most of the kids had been put onto the streets.

My adoption was finalized when I was four and a half years old, but my bond with my adoptive family grows stronger every day.
If I had been kept out of the orphanage one more day, I can’t imagine how differently things might have turned out for me. You can never take the chance to live for granted…I am always thankful.
– Abbi