November is finally here. It’s not like anything that special will be happening this November, but it is comforting to say “it’s finally November of my senior year and although I may not have everything under control, I have some things under control”. This month’s theme is Thanks. I think this theme is fitting, not only because of thanksgiving, but also because I feel that sometimes I focus more on complaining than being thankful. Maegan once wrote about the little things deserving more attention and I completely agree. Not everything has to be going your way for you to be thankful. I learned a lot last month. I learned that I make mistakes and it is awful to disappoint people and yourself, but you have to make mistakes to grow and learn. I learned that the ACT really isn’t that bad if I relax and refrain from stressing over it. I also learned that I still don’t enjoy high school football games and that’s okay.

What to focus on this November:

  • Finishing one thing before starting another.
  • Having a more open mind about friendships: branch out
  • Give others some personal space and take some for yourself
  • School is important, school is important, school is important
  • Don’t lose your focus

GrrlPunchers, we want to read all about what you’re thankful or maybe even what you’re not thankful for. Maybe a “thanks” in an article could even be sarcastic? Who knows… the options are endless. Submit everything to and if we can work it into the calendar we will definitely post it! Thanks so much.

Much Love Always,