This past weekend our fearless leader, Lucy, hosted yet another Grrlpunch event. A few grrlpunchers gathered at the Abbey to decorate our venue and dress up as your favorite Rocky Horror Characters. After 7 hours of preparation, we opened our doors to our wonderful readers. Everyone assembled in the concert room waiting for the sound checks to end, and after what seemed like an eternity our first act started. Grrlpunch had the pleasure of showcasing four wonderful bands: Who’s Mandy, Austin McElveen, Ferdinand, and Melinda. All in all, we had an excellent night, and we hope that our guests did too <3.

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Words from our unforgettable photographer, Brenna: I chose these photos in this order to make you feel as though you are you were at the event with us. The GrrlPunchers preparing and the actual concert itself. So the photos are in order of sequence and also in an order to allow you to feel the emotions we felt at the time: the anxious preparation, the reckless and free concert, and the already more calm and nostalgic air filling The Abbey as attendees trickled away.

Description: ez

Closing and Photos: Brenna