Growing up is hard enough, but one of the hardest things I came to realize during my teenage years was that my parents aren’t perfect. When you’re younger, your parents do absolutely everything for you. They pack your lunch, wake you up, drive you to school, pick you up from school, etc. The point is, they do a lot. As a kid, it’s amazing to see them control everything with a sense of ease. Your parents are your super heroes; however, you grow up and you see their faults and it changes a lot of things you thought to be concrete. You grow up and you realize they have faults just as big as your own, whether they’re addicted to cigarettes or alcohol, they stop waking you up, they stop packing your lunch, or struggle with depression. Suddenly, your parents are just— average. It’s scary to realize that this person you’ve looked up to and strived to be like throughout your entire life has made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. How can you be perfect when your idol isn’t perfect?

Thank you to those parents who couldn’t always be superheroes. We sometimes don’t realize how hard being a parent can be, especially without the unrealistic expectations children can have. Realizing your parents aren’t perfect is crucial in realizing that you don’t have to be perfect either. So thank you for being a superhero years ago when we needed it and for being human now.

Much Love Always,


Artwork: Anna