Thank you to all of the strangers who have made an impact on me. To the strangers who smile at me, to the strangers who demonstrate love, to the strangers who choose to help me, to the strangers who compliment me, to the strangers who speak to me, and the strangers who don’t even know me, but recognize that I need kindness to be shared with me. The woman in my favorite juice bar who complimented my art, because I have always believed it was not worth being seen. The man downtown who took my hand and reminded me how beautiful I am, because on that day I would’ve disagreed. The young couple on my plane home from California whose love was contagious, lively, and vibrant- for this has set an example for me. The old couple holding hands while running errands who showed me that love can grow always and be present in all that you do.

I truly believe that the kindness of those we don’t know is often overlooked. These strangers don’t know whether we’ve had a good day or a bad day or just been through the worst pain we’ve ever felt or the most joy we’ve felt, but they choose to be kind and gentle out of the goodness of their heart. Not only is this uplifting and generous, but it’s inspiring and contagious. It’s so easy to overlook somebody who we may never speak to again, but just because we may never speak again, doesn’t mean they can’t have a great impact for that short moment.

I encourage you to notice the simple acts of the strangers around you, but I also encourage you to be this kind of stranger, a stranger who can make an impact and be remembered.

Imagine if every day every person was kind to a stranger. How kind and gentle this world might be!!!!!!!