After a long and exhausting week of school, there’s nothing I enjoy more than coming home and having no commitments for the weekend. As soon as I step foot into my house on a Friday afternoon, a wave of relief rushes over me because I am finally alone.

I do not have to worry about spending tons of money on something I won’t enjoy, wearing makeup and uncomfortable clothing just to look good for others or even forcing myself into conversations and a social atmosphere that I don’t wish to be in.

Instead, I get to chill out in my sweats, catch up on sleep, eat tons of food and cuddle up with my two dogs that I absolutely adore.

Although there’s nothing wrong with going out and having a fun time on weekends, I tend to use this time to listen to my body and recover after a week full of stress.

Having alone time makes me happy because I get to have my own schedule, and only I am able to alter it without ruining other plans if I’m just not in the mood to do something.

All in all, there’s nothing wrong with being your own company.

With love, Sidney

Do not get me wrong, alone time is something I cherish and appreciate greatly, but being with others is something that I don’t take for granted.

Think about all of your very best memories and imagine not being with the people you were with. More likely than not, it wouldn’t be nearly as special or memorable as you remember it.

Being with the people that I love makes me the happiest and makes everything seem a little better for the time being.

I seem to laugh and smile a bit more, and I can take my mind off of whatever craziness is taking over my life at the moment. So many things in life are not meant to be taken on alone, and being with others gives me something I cannot solely give to myself.

The comfort and encouragement that affects me when I am surrounded by others makes the best memories, a joyful version of myself and the best escape from all the negativity and stress in my life!!!

With arms wide open, Tess