How many times has a girlfriend of yours said, “Someone’s sassy today…” A lot? Moderately? Little to none? For me, I get that phrase, and numerous variations of it, almost everyday. And, you know, I kinda like it.
I will freely admit that my primary sin is vanity. Not only the physical aspect of vanity, but also my wit. I confess that I preen on the inside when my friends say, “Oooo, Emma being savage today,” or “Dang, Emma’s sassy.” I feel very proud of my little comments. Are they sometimes a little mean? Yeah, but that’s my sense of humor. I really can’t feel anything but pride when my friends laugh at something I say; their laughter is the best thing in the world.
However, everyone should know that sass has a time and place. Sometimes a dry remark is funny and other times it cuts through a friend’s self-esteem. What can bring joy can also bring insecurity; I and others must be conscious of people’s feelings.
To end on a higher note, my sass is an integral part of my personality. Without my sass, part of my person would be missing; all work and no laughter makes Emma a dull girl. (Please excuse my lame jokes.) So, be the sassmaster you want to be; snapping fingers and all.
~ Emma
Artwork: Zoe and Catt