Many people say what comes to their mind the minute the thought pops into it. While honesty is a good policy to have, people need to learn the the difference between being truthful and insulting. Here are 10 top things not to bring into a conversation:

1. Ooo, You didn’t know?

  • Why would you say that? Obviously, she does not know and that is why she is asking you to spill the details. Do not point out what she does not know, just fill in the blanks.

2. You would actually be pretty if you just put in some effort.

  • What the actual heck are you thinking? What would possess a person to say something so crass and unfeeling to a woman? If a woman is not in your opinion a “looker,” keep your mouth shut and be the polite person your mother had better raised you to be.

3. Get me a sandwich.

  • This one should be obvious. We are not in 40s or 50s decades; women are not born to be men’s house servants. We are not going to do your every whim, and guess what? A man has to two hands and ten fingers, complete with appeasable thumbs, just like a woman does to.

4. Girls are so emotional.

  • This is my put-out face. Really? That’s your argument? Are men robots? Do they not also have neurons that fire from “emotional” responses? Perhaps they are all secretly tin men and need a Dorothy to lead them on the yellow brick road. Grow up. Men react with emotion the same as women do.

5. Are you on your period?

  • Excuse me, but is my menstrual cycle any business of yours? What gives you the confidence to accuse my actions on a biological process. I do me all day, 24/7. You don’t like me, you can pack your things and get going.

6. When’s the due date?

  • There is no excuse for this comment. A man or woman is truly stupid to say this to another woman. Even if you really think she is actually pregnant, WAIT until the woman confirms the pregnancy before you offer congratulations.

7. Should you be eating that?

  • There is this thing philosophers have discussed for centuries, and it’s this little thing called free will. When a menu is put in front of a woman, she has the free will to choose whatever she wants on the menu. She doesn’t have to pretend tone a bird for anyone across the table. When a person is hungry, they EAT.

8. You’re so bossy.

  • Rude. That’s just rude. I don’t care that you think a woman is bossy, be a polite person and keep it to your self. Her momma gave her and assertive personality; no one is making you be friends with her, so just walk away.

9. You don’t have a boyfriend?

  • Does a woman need a boyfriend? Did I miss the memo to get one ASAP, or I’m going to perish some horrible social death? Why do you care if I don’t have a boyfriend? Is my single status mortally offending you? Keep to your own business. A woman’s personal life only concerns her, unless she graciously invites you into it.

10. How old are you?

  • Ok, come on people, it’s ok to ask when you’re in the 5th grade and no one will get offended. However, when you get older, that’s when people start to get judgmental about your age. Oh, you’re too young, or really, at your age? Who cares what age I am? The only time it matters is when you’re talking about consent. Be blind to age stereotypes.