When I think of birthdays, I see the word “responsibility” in big, bold flashing lights. With each year seems to come new responsibilities and one less year to do everything that I’ve always wanted to do with my life. The phrase “from 30 it’s all downhill” seems to be creeping up on me along with each year, piling up with more and more responsibilities.

16: started driving – responsibility.

18: become an adult – more responsibility.

21: become legal – even more responsibility.

What happened to the magic and wishes of birthdays and when did it become clouded with this dreariness of unavoidable aging?

The way for me to fix this is to see each year as a new beginning and take a look at the advantages of each new opportunity. Aging is overwhelming and difficult for me to accept, but can lead to bigger and better things with a positive adjustment to my perspective. Happy birthdays always 🙂 

With arms wide open,