Some of you will be journeying to college soon. Others, it will be a few years. AND ITS SCARY! But thankfully some of you Grrlpunchers have been to college and have shared some of their everlasting wisdom. So thank you!!

Birmingham Southern College

Class of 2018/4 hours from home/Undergrad: 1,188/Artist

  1. When you’re a freshman in college you’re basically a baby adult. No one expects you to know how to do/handle everything! So if you realize you might fail a class, experience a death of someone close, or are just stressed out by things in life then check up with your counselor! Every college has some form of free counseling, and their jobs are literally just to help you succeed
  2. LEARN BASIC LAUNDRY. You don’t want to put a white dress in and pull out a semi-red sort-of-yellow one
  3. If you’re ever uncomfortable then take notice of it. Whether it’s with a certain person, in a class, or any situation then you need to say so! If the situation is a good one then people will understand and will help
  4. I know plenty of people who have started smoking because it goes with the scene. Cigarettes are dumb. You’re not.
  5. AGAIN – you’re not supposed to know everything! It’s okay to call mom or dad, or just not know! This is a time for learning tho, so start with google if there’s nothing else
  6. College is a brand new world with new people so don’t hesitate to like or dislike something based on other people. You’ve heard the peer pressure lecture, but once you graduate high school it’s immature and detrimental to not love what you love.
  7. Focusing on a relationship is ignorant. If it happens, it happens, but college is a time of learning who you are and how to be independent
  8. TALK TO YOUR PARENTS. THEY LOVE YOU. CALL THEM. But also tell them when you’re busy and can’t talk – you have a different life now, and they can be a part of it without being a burden
  9. You’ll realize you don’t have time for some friends that you used to have time for and that’s okay! You’re also going to meet people that you realize make your life a lot harder to live – these people you don’t have time for. Drop toxic people and life will be easier
  10. SERIOUSLY. GO TO CLASS. GO TO CLASS. GO TO CLASS. GO TO CLASS. GO TO CLASS. If you want some motivation then do the math to find out how much each class costs and realize you’re wasting that much money every time you miss a class for no good reason

University of Miami

Class of 2017/17 hours from home/Undergrad: 15,472/Athlete

  1. I wish I knew about the amount of control the coaches have over you and wish I knew that so I could have mentally prepared
  2. I wish I knew how much harder it is too improve as you reach your genetic potential and how much self motivation you need and how many extra things you should do on your own. For example: nutrition, prehab
  3. I wish I knew how it’s not like high school, if you have a lot of work…you still have to go to workout. High school you could miss

University of Memphis

Class of 2018/10 minuets from home/Undergrad: 17,221/Communication

  1. how important it is to GET YOUR TEXTBOOKS
  2. actually READing the chapters assigned
  3. How hard it is to GO TO CLASS. Skipping becomes so easy and can add up!!
  4. Take the earliest orientation possible. You’ll have a better chance of getting the classes you want at the times you want them.
  5. To participate and really pay attention in class
  6. Get to know you teachers! Most of them are super cool and being on their good side will give you more of an advantage at the end of the semester or if you have any problems along the way.

University of Missouri (Transferring to Saint Louis University)

Class of 2018/6 hours from home/Undergrad:35,441

  1.  It takes time to make friends — you have to give yourself time to find your group, and if you don’t feel like going out one night its OK to stay in.
  2. Everyone is homesick!!! Everyone. Some just hide it better than others.
  3. It is OK if you do not like your school. When I decided to come home, I had to realize that transferring does not make me a failure, it just simply means I wanted to make a change. Sometimes your first choice doesn’t work out the way you planned, and it just wasn’t the best choice for you.
  4. A friend of mine gave me the best advice when I was still really struggling to make friends and feel at home in my new environment, she told me to do one thing every day, or week, that is out of my comfort zone. This could be, going to a club meeting, sitting in the lounge of your dorm to do homework instead of your room, asking a friend to dinner, etc.
  5. Continuing off the last point, you must put yourself out there — you will be thankful you did.


Stay Gold, Zoe W