“hey so first of all I’ve been reading y’alls articles & just love everything about grrlpunch so munch, it so empowering & reassuring so read about other people struggling with the same things I struggle with everyday!  First off this is super awkward for me because I’m just shy & feel so weird asking for advise but oh well I love all even though idk y’all. Basically how do I make friends?! I go to a very small very religious school and have nothing in common with my fellow classmates. To be honest I have no want to be friends with them. I know that sounds mean but I’ve tried to and they are all just hypocritical Christians who hate anyone that does not agree with them. I would love to meet other girls outside of school but I’m so shy, and not sure how to go about making friends! I don’t want people to think I’m annoying! I just know there are so many lovely girls/guys other there I could be very good friends with! It’s  just I’m senior year of high school I’m a tried of not having friends & feeling alone. I want to make effort to actually meet people & make friends I’m just not sure how to go about doing it with out being annoying or looking like a creep.”
Okay first of all CAN I HANG OUT WITH U? Seriously though you sound cool af. But the deal with meeting people is you just gotta put yourself out there. As humans this is a terrifying thing to do because we all have this innate fear of rejection. But if you never try, you’ll never know! If you’re not interested in being friends with your classmates then one of the best things you can do to meet people is ~gEt A jOb~. Seriously. I have no idea where I would be without the friendships that I have found in my co-workers. Plus it’ll make you feel mature and grown up and independent af. (but for realz you sound really cool I will be your friend)
Dear Gina,
I’m bi and I find myself attracted to some of my girl-friends what should I do?
Here’s the thing: girls are beautiful. Girls are hot. I find myself attracted to girls all the time (sometimes my friends) bc females are awesome. There’s nothing wrong with tellin your bestie she looks hot and you have a girl crush on her. But would you want to act on these feelings or is just merely just an attraction thing? This is a question you ought to consider giving some thought.