For my entire high school career and even before that, the only hobbies I had were ones that I took on because I thought they would either look good on my resumé or would make me a “more well-rounded person.” This does not mean I did not enjoy some of those hobbies, but I did not realize this connection that all my ventures had until this year when I picked up crocheting for fun. For once I did something just because I found it satisfying and relaxing. This was a new and exciting time for me! I was doing something solely because I wanted to, and it was honestly the most relaxing thing I have done in a while. When I am crocheting I have no obligations to do it well or in a timely manner. I just crochet what I want to crochet and when I want to crochet. So grrlpunchers, I challenge you to pick up a hobby this year not because it will look good on your resumé, but because you find it fulfilling or cool. You will be surprised what a stress relief it is!

take it easy grrls,