I used to hate new beginnings. I hated them because a new beginning meant a recent end and a recent end meant change. Change is something a lot of people are very uncomfortable with, and I think it is because we become so comfortable where we are in our everyday routine that the thought of changing anything or anyone in that routine scares us. Recently having had a very large change in my life, I can attest to how scary this can be, but if I could even begin to relay to you how happy I became once I accepted it and adapted, I would. Really, all I’m trying to say is, in this new year, be open to change. You don’t have to go and change everything about yourself and your life, but just be open to the little things that will slowly make their ways in and out of your life. This change will make you very happy, believe it or not. It will keep you on your toes and have you in for a very exciting life.

With Love,