High school is a turbulent time filled with very few constants. This roller coaster ride we call adolescence is intimidating and fraught, but it is absolutely necessary to endure.

High schoolers grow and mature so much from year to year. As a result, it is easy to look back and cringe at your old self. We develop new hobbies, meet new people, take new classes and listen to new music.

With so much change going on, how do you expect to keep the same friends? Sure, there are those childhood friends that survive until adulthood, but the majority of your friendships, for better or worse, will wither over time.

This, however, is nothing unusual. As aforementioned, high school students mature rapidly during those four years. Each month is different from the last, and it is normal to lose friends.

Ultimately, as you progress through high school you learn more about yourself. As a result, you acquire new friends to mirror your interests and passions.

So, grrls, don’t obsess over those lost relationships. Instead, appreciate the lessons you learned from each friend and embark on new friendships.