According to Wikipedia, Girlpool is a “folk punk band from Los Angeles, California,” but Girlpool is so much more. Cleo Tucker and Harmony Trividad make up one of the coolest girl band duos that I have ever blessed my ears with. One of the most commendable aspects of this folk, punk girl band is the meaning behind their music. Anyone can throw some words together for a Billboard’s Top 100 hit, but Tucker and Trividad go beyond that easy way of writing and performing hits. For starters, the band consists of only those two female members, no drummer. Even though they may be missing an important instrument, known for adding beat and power to most music, they make up for the lost power with their lyrics. One of my most treasured songs by this incredible duo is Slutmouth. Tucker and Trividad sing:

“Sometimes I wanna be a boy

Never really wanted girl toys

Why don’t you cross your legs

Lady please

Do you wanna make out

I heard you had a slutmouth

From the boy down the street

Baby please

I don’t really care about the clothes I wear

I don’t really care to brush my hair

I go to school everyday

Just to be made a housewife one day”

Maybe I’m just a girl band crazy feminist, but those words are so powerful, so strong, so damn honest and vulnerable and I really appreciate that. Trividad and Tucker embody all that it means to be a real girl with their appearance, but also their outlook on adolescence and growing up, shown through one of their latest EP’s, Before The World Was Big. These feminist, lo-fi, punk rockers are all that I aspire to be. With their open minds and truthful music, Girlpool is destined for success and I can’t wait to see the positive impact they’ll have on young people.