Background Projects copy-01Giant teddy bears, chocolate hearts, and singing cards fill the aisles of any store you enter throughout the end of January and the beginning of February. You’d think that this month GrrlPunch would write all about how to repress the sadness of being single or perfect Valentine’s plans for you and your beloved or even how to combat the stigma that all feminists are ugly in the midst of such a love-filled month, but this month is about loving yourself. It’s time to be selfish grrlpunchers and think all about “me, myself, and I”. Whether it’s smiling at yourself in the mirror, trying out a new skin care regime, or mustering up the courage to ask that particular individual out for coffee, it’s time to focus on you!

What I Learned From January:

  1. the best things take time, hold out hope
  2. stop being so afraid, honestly what do you have to lose?
  3. bad things happen in threes
  4. you’re worth it
  5. making a good ass playlist can fix anything

For February:

  1. make like Donna and Tom and treat yo’ self
  2. while it’s well and good to be selfish treating the people you love and care about is also pretty great
  3. reading your daily horoscope can be a great pick-me-up, try it out
  4. you don’t need a significant other to be whole, remember that

It’s written in the stars for you to have a good month grrls so take it by the horns!

Much love always,