Hello friends, I thought I would put together a list of my favorite things as of right now, so here you go. I hope you enjoy!!!!

Light-up Shoes


I received these babies in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell you, they’re the best $40 I have ever spent. These shoes have multiple single color settings, ranging from blue to green to purple, and they even have the option to change colors on their own. If you want to be the life of a party, or just own a pair of bomb ass shoes, I highly recommend you invest your money on a pair of these.
Rate: 9/10 (only because the right shoe has a mind of its own)

Tame Impala’s Currents


It’s dreamy. It’s eclectic. It’s the kind of music you drown yourself in. Tame Impala is one of my favorite bands, and I highly recommend that everyone listens to their music, and especially this album.
Rate: 10/10

Yankee Candle’s Fresh Cut Roses


This is the best-smelling candle I have ever owned and burned, and it’s the only candle scent I invest my money on now.
Rate: 10/10



I have a small obsession with these tiny lil plants. These little guys are perfect lazy and forgetful people (like me) because they only need to be watered like once a month, and they’re perfect for making your room like a little more cuter.
Rate: 9/10

Tamp & Tap Coffee


Because it’s basically a cross-country drive to get to the Midtown coffee shops (I’m exaggerating), I was super excited to hear about Tamp & Tap opening near my house. It’s off Poplar on Shady Grove, and I highly recommend you order the iced Tennessean.
Rate: 8/10 (It’s kind of hidden, there’s not a lot of parking, and their food is ok.)

Furry Sweaters


If you ever see me in public, chances are I’m probably wearing some sort of furry sweater. It’s hard to stay fashionable and cozy at the same time (or at least I have this problem), and nothing fixes this issue better than a furry sweater.
Rate: 10/10



Good for laughs and making fun of Magcon. Also, half of the things I say or tell jokes about come from Vine.
Rate: 9.5/10

Vintage Windbreakers


When I have an outfit that doesn’t seem to work out, I can always count on a handy vintage windbreaker to save the day.
Rate: 9/10

Affinity Designer

cnag !

Because I am too poor to afford Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, I invested in a different kind of graphic designing app called Affinity Designer because I’ve been wanting to learn how to making drawings like these for a really long time. It’s only one payment of $49.99, and making these has become a hobby and a real stress reliever.
Rate: 9/10

I have come to the end of my short and sweet list of my favorite things, and I hope you all check out some of these things!!
With love,