I was taking selfies of myself one time, to reply to the plethora of snapchats I felt the need to answer, when an older member of my family told me that I was narcissistic (his “nice” way of saying that I was obsessed with myself). Be honest with yourself: do you have a never-ending collection of selfies that continue to grow on the daily? Well, I openly admit that I have more selfies then I can count. This comment got me thinking, “Hmm…have selfies made me self-indulgent and obsessed with my appearance?” Now, some may say yes. But I say NO. Why is it such a bad thing to be happy with how you look? Why is it such a bad thing to have physical documentation of your beauty? Why not show others how good you look and feel while also keeping them as a reminder to yourself? Selfies are not there to make us feel obsessive and narcissistic, but to make us feel beautiful and confident! This month, I am going practice loving myself and take as many selfies as I feel necessary. If photographic evidence is the key to some extra self-confidence, then go for it. Because everybody truly deserves that. You are beautiful, we are all beautiful. Have a lil proof 😀

With arms always open,

Tess Emerson