For you grrls who are in school, summer is getting close–but not close enough. The next couple of months are probably going to be busy and stressful, so even those of us who are out of school could use a few pick-me-ups to get through the long, hot days ahead. Here are a few things that help me relax when I’m stressed and brighten my cloudy days.

~ making DIY stickers: this tutorial from Rookie works without even needing special paper, so you can make adorable stickers whenever the spirit moves you. I would suggest using images or text from magazines, though, since that kind of shiny paper transfers ink best.

~ going on a drive: for some reason, driving always improves my mood. If you’re stressed or feeling down, take a mini-vacation by driving around your neighborhood with the windows down and the radio blaring, or go on an adventure and drive down a street without knowing where you’re going.

~ ASMR videos: it’s hard to explain exactly what ASMR is – these videos might help. Basically, they contain different sounds and visual triggers meant to give you tingles or relax you. It seems pretty weird at first, but ASMR videos definitely help me relax and improve my mood.

~ plan something fun for the future: this can be as simple as deciding that you’re going to get yourself a milkshake after school next Tuesday, or that you’ll call your favorite cousin tomorrow. Having a little happiness in your future can give you something to look forward to. Doing this keeps me going through long, stressful days, and it can add a little color to the weeks of repetition that might be facing you.

~ Thank you notes: this email subscription service is part of Tinyletter, a really cool project that you should check out. If you sign up for the thank you notes, you’ll get an email every day that lists everything the author is thankful for. It sounds trite, but the emails are sort of like journal entries, and they really give a snapshot of his life. Getting the email every day forces me to slow down and appreciate the little things around me.

I hope these pick-me-ups help, and good luck to all of you amazing grrls and boys in the months to come!

~ Zoe B.