Grrlpunch is back with its second installment of our favorite things. Enjoy!

Mexican Telenovelas


If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for a good telenovela. I grew up watching them in Mexico and I haven’t stopped since. My all-time favorite, Maria La Del Barrio (Maria of the Slums), is about a kick ass girl who’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Conveniently available on Netflix, you can watch all 90 episodes from the comfort of your bed. And don’t worry, there are subtitles.

Rate: 9/10

Amy’s Mexican Bowls


I live off these things. I swear I eat at least one everyday. Usually I’m picky about my Mexican food, having grown up between South Texas and Mexico, but these are real deal good. For a mere $4.46 at your local Kroger and 5 minutes in the microwave, you too can taste heaven. They’re also vegetarian!!!

Rate: 10/10

The Kardashians


It’s a well-known secret I’m in love with the Kardashians. I am not ashamed. They’re not the vacuous, self occupied, fame-crazed family they’re portrayed as. Both business savvy and body positive, the Kardashians have built themselves an empire that exudes confidence.

Rate: 10/10

Amazon Prime


Amazon Prime fuels my shopping addiction. Free shipping, free streaming – what more could a girl want. For $9.99 a month it can be yours. PLUS you can stream my favorite show, Transparent, Amazon’s very own show highlighting one woman’s journey through transition.

Rate: 10/10



Shout out to Coca-Cola for helping me through late nights and early mornings. Also RIP to my empty wallet; thank you for your money well spent.

Rate: 1000/10

Fur Coats


I love ‘em. I own three (all faux – I don’t condone senseless animal killing). And don’t worry, they won’t break the bank. Forever 21 has them for as little as $40. A grrl’s gotta own at least one!

Rate: 8/10

Doc Martens


I’ve had mine for nearly four years now, and not once have they let me down. Rain or shine, my Docs have remained both faithful and stylish. Well worth the investment ($130).

Rate: 12/10