There is this notion that good things happen to people who are “lucky.” While, yes, maybe you were able to find a four leaf clover in a field when you were five and now you believe you have eternal “good luck,” that’s not why your life is the way it is today. Too often I think we perceive life as this unknown creature that does what it wants when it wants it. While this conception might have some truth to it, it is also not the whole story.

Your life isn’t good because you are lucky, and your life isn’t bad because you are unlucky. Your life is the way it is because of your actions, your thoughts, your behaviors. While luck is helpful in finding the baby in the king cake or choosing the right side of a coin in a coin toss, luck is not going to aid you in achieving your aspirations in life.

Luck can get it into the interview room, but luck is not going to secure you the job. Luck can help you meet the love of your life, but luck is not going to help keep the relationship alive.

If there was one cliché saying I hated the most it would “life is what it is” because it’s not. Life is not what it is simply because that’s how it’s suppose to be, but life is the way it is because of how you have made it. Don’t like your life? Change it. Don’t like your job? Quit it. Don’t like your friends? Make new ones.

But do not blame where you are in life on the presence or lack of luck. Because, life is only ever going to be what you are willing to make it. Luck helps people but luck does not make people. Hard work, dedication, and a keen sense for happiness is what makes life.

And sure, it’s amusing to search in the field for a four leaf clover, and it’s hard to get out there and truly fight for what you want, but sometimes you just have to because luck only gets you so far.