Baby boy swaddled in blue love

Room sprayed with the masculine perfume of football and trucks

Baby boy gonna be a star

All-American boy the world is his candy store

Baby boy taking his first steps into his father’s shoes

Strong man, kind man, powerful man

If he teases a girl he likes her

Baby boy takes what he wants; ‘no’ is a foreign tongue

Baby boy growing like the oak tree he was born to be

#1 on the field and #1 in our hearts but #1 doesn’t always mean the best

#1 doesn’t always mean first place, gold medal, ‘I’m proud of you son’ and ‘I love you’ rolling of the tongue of a parent with expectations too high and acceptance too low

Baby boy becomes a man experiencing the kind of love that makes everything brighter on a cloudy day

A face and a body pasted to his side

Pretty woman in a cage only for his eyes

Baby boy doesn’t understand possession

Possession is defined as ownership of something but pretty woman is no thing

Pretty woman is the sensual tongue that speaks the raggedness of baby boy

Baby boy has been taught to take, society shows vulnerability as weakness-double standards tasting like the steel of double bladed swords

To take does not a strong man make

Power is not in the mass-produced muscle of little boys trying to become Superman instead of Clark Kent

Kindness is not factory produced, generic base on a concrete slab

A spoonful of truth makes baby boy’s mistakes easier to chew but harder to swallow

But baby boy done learned and baby boy done seen

A man does not take, a man learns to live

Baby boy’s gonna be fine, pretty woman’s walking right beside

Sabrina Spence

Artwork: Logan Totty