On March 31, 2016, The USWNT (United States Women National Soccer Team) publicly began their fight for equal pay, along with equal respect. The female athletes have filed a wage discrimination complaint against the US Soccer with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Hope Solo states, “We believe now the time is right because we believe it’s a responsibility for women’s sports, specifically women’s soccer, to really do whatever it takes for equal pay and equal rights and to be treated with respect.” The USWNT has won three straight Olympic gold medals and three World Cup titles overall, whereas the men have not won either. The USWNT earned the US Soccer $16 million in revenue this past year, whereas the men caused a $2 million loss. Despite these obvious accomplishments, the statistics reveal a stunning truth that has been brought into a new light. Per game…The men earn $6,250-$17,625. USWNT earns $3,600-$4,950. Qualify for World Cup (team)… The men earn $2.5 million. USWNT earns $345,000. Reach round 16…The men earn $3.6 million. USWNT earns $0. Reach quarterfinals…The men earn $5 million. USWNT earns $0. 3rd place…The men earn $1.25 million. USWNT earns $480,000. 2nd place…The men earn $6.25 million. USWNT earns $780,000. Win World Cup…The men earn $9.3 million. USWNT earns $1.8 million. If the USWNT makes it on the World Cup roster, they receive 44% of what their male counterparts earn. The USWNT’s attorney, Jeffrey Kessler, states, “These women are very disappointed in US Soccer. When they asked for the same treatment as the men, they were told it was irrational. Now that might be a good answer in 1816. It’s not an acceptable answer in 2016.” This is why feminism exists. This is a battle worth fighting for.

With arms wide open,

Tess Emerson



U.S. women’s soccer stars discuss wage-discrimination complaint