Last night, at 9:13, my ears were blessed by the kick ass sister trio that is Haim. If you haven’t heard of Haim, I want to ask what rock you’ve been living under, seeing as how the fame of these sisters has skyrocketed since 2013 when they dropped their first album, Days Are Gone. As I was standing in a sea of fans listening to their incredible performance, I realized the complexity of their songs. These ladies incorporate so many styles of music into one little album, making them recipients of mad respect from their fans. One song we were standing with our jaws dropped watching Danielle’s unbelievable guitar solos in My Song 5, next we were falling in love with their 80’s inspired beats in Don’t Save Me, and finally jumping up and down to an incredible drum solo by all three women to finish off the show. Not only did their musical genius radiate throughout the entire set, but the young women owned their space with their strong personalities making us laugh, chant, and clap. Alana, Danielle, and Este are the epitome of talent and girl power so be sure to check out their badass album!