Italy is a beautiful place, with beautiful people, full of beautiful words, eating beautiful foods, engulfed in a beautiful atmosphere. I had the opportunity, along with some of my life-long friends, to travel there for two weeks during the summer of 2014. A younger version of myself soaked up the sun, the memories, and the opportunities. It was quite relaxing to be in a place where nobody knew my name. The entire trip flickers through my memory like a film reel, continuous and rich. I could not forget the flashing moments and vivid nights even if I tried. It would just not be fair to say goodbye to the place and the feelings associated with it, because we deserve to keep those around. I can remember the way our tour guide said “cappuccino” or the way my eyes teared up as I wished at the Trevi Fountain or the way my feet conformed to the rock beach or the way the frozen lemonade burned my sore throat or the way the photographs could not capture how the water looked like bright, blue glass. I said goodbye to Italy, but she will always be stamped on my heart. No goodbye is so bitter to forget.

With arms wide open, Tess Emerson