Welcome to June, GrrlPunchers! As spring comes to a close and summer begins we’re headed into the hot days of summer. However, not to take this theme in such a literal sense, we are focusing on hot topics and conversations this month as well as education on all things sexual!

My hot topic strays from the sexual theme, but focuses on something that gets me a little hot-headed (see what I did there?). Recently, a good friend of mine sent me a link to a YouTube video she thought I would appreciate. It was a younger woman talking about the stigma of “not wanting to be like other girls”. All of her points were well thought out, well worded, and strong. But, it got me thinking about if I had ever put girls in a box when I was trying to be different than the gender I love and support so passionately on GrrlPunch. I started to think: “What exactly is so wrong about being like other girls?” “What is so horrible about being feminine and loving the color pink?” and “What is so horrible about not being feminine, but being a woman?”. The answer is nothing! Women are so diverse, so beautifully their own true selves that why the hell would you not want to be like the other fantastic human beings that you share two X chromosomes with? We fight so passionately about closing the wage gap, making progress in the criminalization of rape (which affects women at large), and being respected, but how can we gain that respect if we do not respect each other? So, this month I challenge you to love your fellow woman and to strive to be like other girls and women around you. Celebrate your differences, celebrate your similarities, and love each other because without this there will be not progress in the future.

Much Love Always (my fellow women),