Father’s day is a day all about dads, so to honor mine, here’s a poem I wrote about him. He’s pretty neat and I love him a lot. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads that raised their grrls right.


I know not where you’re going and I know not where you’ve been but

I know the know-nots haven’t kept you from keeping your chin up

You’ve been up, you’ve been tall, you’ve kept your level through it all,

you’ve been small, you’ve built a wall, you’ve lived your youth on will-call


We’ll all fall and break, strength from others we’ll all take

Loyalty we’ll fake, it’s sad but kind does not a strong man make

It’s preordained, we have a rank, “They know me as…” fill in the blank

Other’s ranks we reprimand while we kill ourselves to build our brand


Your job is building brands for men and women who will, in the end,

be grains of sand in the hourglass, whose time to come will come to pass

And yet, you’re not a bitter brat who lives to merely chew the fat

You’re as ignorant as mud is clear, as warm as light, and sharp as shears


Your love is swift and made with haste, you act with an powerful & unnamed grace

Your humor has a refined polish to match your unrelenting knowledge

I’ve admired you since the flood; I relate to you, for we share blood

For every move I make, every breath I take, I am by you humbly endowed
You give me strength and in return, I’ll give my life to do you proud.