I hate my cheeks. Ok, I’ll put it a bit nicer – I strongly dislike them. I have naturally bright red cheeks that get even redder when I’m hot or excited. The flush makes me look younger and flustered, and people always think I’m blushing, even when I’m not. I know that we are supposed to love every part of ourselves, but I just can’t help wishing that my cheeks were pale like the rest of my face and I actually had a reason to buy blush. I wish that I looked cool and collected instead of perpetually hot and bothered.

My friends tell me that my red cheeks are cute, that they like my flush. The problem is, I don’t want to look cute. I want to look mature and put-together. Reassuring words from others cannot drown out my own feelings about my appearance. And even though I don’t love my cheeks, I can still love myself. To me, self-love is unconditional, and it concerns me as a person rather than one small part of my body. I’m working on my negative feelings about my cheeks. For now, I hate my cheeks, but I love myself. And that’s ok in my book.

~ Zoe Boggs