What is it about the summer that makes us stir?

The sand, the water, the way the sun kisses our shoulders only to bite us when we step inside – all bite, no bark

How to Be Bikini Body Ready! Wow, this is what we’ve been waiting for; the Holy Grail of summer self-help

Our own personal guide to look like the photoshopped, spray tanned, rearranged goddesses that look out from their glossy 2D worlds as they sit on their metal magazine rack thrones

Judgmental queens lounging next to the 50 Best Ways to Eat Watermelon

Maybe summer rings so true because watermelon never tastes as sweet as it does when we free-fall through 100 degree heat with no parachute

Could it be that when our thermometers break we know we’ve made it past the pencil shavings and paper pushing, hurdled past the to-do lists and checkpoints, exchanged the day-to-day for the Top 5 Places to See This Summer

But what about those moments where we don’t feel like doing anything, the lazy minutes that play around the hands of the clock as we indulge in our Perfect Staycation but the term perfect isn’t given a new definition

It’s the usual, the normal, the regular coffee with milk, 2 sugars, so predictable the barista has it ready for you when you walk in

What’s so perfect about what we’re so excited to fly away from

To pack our bags and Road-trip Our Way Around America because patriotism doesn’t really matter until you get 25% off your next hotel booking

The magazines don’t tell us because it’s something we have to figure out for ourselves

The predictable and familiar are the reasons we welcome our beds come time to find our way back home

There is no article on Why Our Day-to-Day Is Special because other people can’t tell you

No one can nitpick your perfect and tell you what makes it so special

There’s no instruction manual for How to Find Your Wonderful

Pick and choose the manicured advice typed with profit and paint

Touch the barcode that encrypts the Secret to the Best Summer Ever

Pay for the irregular, the avant-garde, the 20 Tips and Tricks You’ve Never Heard For Flawless Summer Decorations

But the basic and the old is already on your bookshelf

Place it next to the magazine, thumb through them both