Red lipstick is classic beauty trend that seems to never go out of style. Whether you’re going to get coffee or you’re getting ready for your prom, putting red lipstick is never a bad idea. However, as you’re getting ready you’re probably not putting much thought into the hue’s history. Well, look no further, below we have listed the history of this timeless look!

Red Lipstick: Witchcraft and Gemstones

3000 B.C: Mesopotamian and Sumerian women used crushed gems to decorate their lips, which was probably a lot more expensive than M.A.C.

69 B.C: Cleopatra wore red lipstick made from crushed beetles and ants; she was called a “whore queen,” a “fatal monster,” and a “bold coquette.”

1000 A.D: Solid lipstick was invented by a famous Arab surgeon, Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi. It was scented and pressed into a mold.

1600: Queen Elizabeth I made a style statement with red lipstick, which she usually made herself. This was the same badass grrl who said, “Men fight wars. Women win them.”

1770: Parliament passed a law declaring that a woman who seduced a man into marriage using lipstick could have her marriage annulled. Makeup was placed in the same category as witchcraft.

1884: The first commercial lipstick, which was made from beeswax and sold in silk paper, was produced by the French makeup company Guerlain.

1940s: Winston Churchill wouldn’t let lipstick be rationed during World War II because he felt that it improved morale. I can’t argue with him.

1952: Queen Elizabeth II commissioned her own lipstick shade in order to match her coronation gown. It’s called “the Balmoral lipstick.”

21st century: We are experiencing a glorious era in which you can get red lipstick for $6 or $90, in hundreds of shades and finishes. Both men and women can wear or not wear lipstick, whatever their heart desires. Personally, red lipstick makes me feel like a boss and adds the weight of generations of strong women to my words. Long live our war paint.