It’s that feeling again. The familiar feeling that always springs up when the weather gets hot and the evening air is sticky. It’s a kind of restlessness that’s hard to explain, a feeling of wanting to do something but you don’t know what. I call it the summer itch.

With almost three months of long days and free time to look forward to, I tend to make lots of grand plans and ambitious goals. This summer, I will discover my passion! I will master a new skill! I will change the world, write a novel, fall in love, travel to a different country. Sitting on the porch at night with the hot air surrounding me and mosquitoes buzzing, I struggle to define this elusive feeling. I think of it as an itch, because it’s not bad, but it’s not purely good. It nags at the back of my mind.

There’s a power in that feeling, a spontaneous determination to do and go. The trick is harnessing it before it escapes. Most of the time, my motivation wanes, and my summers are less productive and adventurous than I plan. But you can capitalize on this itch if you act quickly. Make solid plans, and carry them out. When you’re up late at night because you are filled with a manic creative energy, take advantage of your inspiration and make art or research ways to get involved with your passions. Tap into your own resources. Scratch your summer itch, and who knows what you can accomplish.

~ Zoe Boggs