After strolling down wall after wall of alternating black, white, grey, and, depending on the season, blue-ish crop tops and shorts that are nearly indistinguishable from pajamas, I grabbed about fifteen items, that all looked uncomfortably similar mind you, and headed to the dressing room.

However, after trying on about five items, I began to become very confused as to what it was that I grabbed from the shelves. See, I thought I was trying on shorts, but it turns out I was trying on very comfy, and expensive, underwear. I was also mistaken when I thought I grabbed these striped boot cut pants because it turned out that I grabbed some nice and tight linen leggings. However, I felt the most ignorant when what I believed to be a trendy crop top was apparently a new type of “t-shirt bra.”

I left the dressing room empty handed and embarrassed that I could have been so careless as to grab all the wrong items. I should have read the labels more carefully!

In a fury of humiliation, I re-read the tags one more time just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Only then did I read that their tags posted “ONE SIZE FITS ALL.”

Those clothes were definitely not one size fits all.

I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe Brandy was correct in claiming that all their clothes would physically go onto every girl’s body; however they should really clarify and instead print “one size fits all…in very different ways.”

Or better yet, “one size fits all….if you are a size zero, have no butt, and are able to fit a large coconut in between your thighs.”

I am not quite sure what statement Brandy Melville is trying to make with their choice in styling, but I not a fan, and I am very perplexed as to how they have gotten away with it for so long.

Not only was my shopping experience confusing and inconvenient, but it was also humiliating and very frustrating.

Clothing should make you feel confident and comfortable, not ashamed and abnormal.

The beauty of our bodies is that there is not one size. Each body curves, squishes, and bends in its own unique way. That’s the way it’s suppose to be, and that’s exactly why it’s so beautiful.

~ Caroline

Art by Sarah B.