My junior year of high school I broke rules like it was my day job. It was ridiculous how much I wanted to spite my parents with a newfound sense of independence that seemed to drive me crazy. I did stupid things I wasn’t of age to do and wore it like a badge of honor. It was ridiculous how much I TRIED to break the rules, succeeded, and then got in trouble for it. I was the queen of rule breaking in my strict, all girls, catholic, high school. I would wear four earrings in each ear instead of one, I secretly got my septum pierced that I would flip up during school hours, and I was threatened with expulsion when I created GrrlPunch because I represented my school badly. Unfortunately, I’m not so proud of my recklessness and the time I wasted trying to grow up too quickly. I’m not telling you about the many juvenile mistakes that I’ve made over the years to sound cool or rebellious because it definitely didn’t make me cool at all. Instead, I’m advising you to take your time growing up because things happen very quickly and you’ll miss the times where you can rely on others and not yourself. So, try to learn from my mistakes and not your own.

Happy July GrrlPunchers! Break some rules (responsibly of course)!!

Much Love Always,