Hey friends! Grrlpunch’s favorite things is back, and I’m here to share a few of my favorite things as of this month!!

Whitney’s Light Upon the Lake

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If I could go back in time, I would travel back to May and appreciate this band ten times more than I did when I first saw them. Initially, I was at Minglewood Hall just to see to see one of my favorite bands, Unknown Mortal Orchestra; however, I was absolutely awestruck after watching Whitney open up for them. There’s so much to love about Whitney: the insanely talented guitarist (Max Kakacek), the fun and lively flow of their music, and overall, the uniqueness of their sound. Their album is one of the very few albums I can listen all the way through without skipping a song or two and is available just about anywhere: Spotify, iTunes, etc. I definitely encourage all of you to take a listen, maybe start off with Golden Days or No Woman.

Kimchi Blue Serena Appliqué Bra from Urban Outfitters

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These bras…let me tell you: I could live in these for the rest of my life. I am a proud owner of this black one pictured above and a lilac one, and these are honestly the most comfortable bras I have ever worn…and I hate bras. With adjustable straps and a supportive elastic band, this bra makes lounging around sexy. These bras make me feel so cute and confident that I often catch myself staring in the mirror for long periods of time. I used to be super self conscious about having small boobs, but I have recently come to love my small boobs, and these bras help me embrace them even more. If there any downsides to wearing this bra, it’s that the floral pattern sometimes sticks out noticeably through your shirt, but other than that, this bra is honestly fantastic.

Illy Coffee
Shoutout to Cafe Eclectic for introducing me to some of the best coffee I’ve ever ingested. There’s no other way to describe this coffee other than just dang good. I personally prefer their coffee iced than hot, but ask me what my preference is in the winter and my answer will most definitely change. Other than being served at Cafe Eclectic, you can buy this coffee (as far as I’m aware) at Kroger and some Targets, but if you’re unable to find it anywhere locally, you can easily purchase this coffee online on their website (illy.com)! AND they even come in K-cups!!!!

Spotify Premium
Everything was spectacular about Spotify when I first downloaded it for free. As someone with a vast imagination that relates every single song to a certain scenario, I was able to create tons of playlists for any type of occasion and emotion. But after a while there were two MAJOR set backs: the limited number of skips and the GOD AWFUL ADS. I thought if I heard another ad about the dangers of smoking, I was going to bury myself in a tub of cigarettes and light myself on fire. So, I ended up making one of the best decisions of my life and purchasing Spotify premium, where I now have unlimited skips, and I am not being harassed by another anti-smoking ad. I’m telling you, I swear Spotify Premium is worth all $9.99 a month.

I’m the type of person that physically cannot focus or work when it is completely quiet, and sometimes I get distracted by the music I listen to when trying to focus/work. I also found that I am most productive and focused when it’s raining or when I’m in some kind of public area like a coffeeshop. I have no idea how I came upon this website (probably through a friend’s recommendation), but it is the perfect fit for my study and work habits. When I am unable to concentrate, I just head on over to this website, where it can play sounds of rain, a busy cafe, or even a combination of the two. And on top of that, you can play your own music along with the sounds (which is what I usually do)!

Grrlpunch’s Online Shop

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Saving the best for last, am I right or am I right?! We’ve got everything, ranging from t-shirts to bad ass tattoos to even our own little magazine!!! Now that our merch is online, it’s easily accessible and the whole ordering process is much easier! So buy stuff!!! It’s cute and cool and cheap and there’s MUCH more to come in the future, so get excited!

With overwhelming love,