Since the beginning of time, women everywhere have found themselves washing their hair first with shampoo and then following that with a conditioning routine. This morning I decided to challenge this practice.

We’ve all wondered what it would be like if we first conditioned and then shampooed, but for ages we’ve been to afraid to try.

I have very thick, puffy hair, and, naturally, my favorite hair-care product is conditioner. It mellows out my wild hair, and leaves it feeling tame. Shampoo, on the other hand, leaves my hair brittle when used by itself. You would think following conditioner with shampoo would leave my hair confused and matted–but no.

For today’s experiment I used OGX’s Coconut Shampoo and Cherry Blossom Conditioner. It felt unnatural challenging the social norms of hair washing, but once I left my hair to dry I was pleasantly surprised.

Following my shower, I let my hair air dry for ten or so minutes and for the first time in a while my hair formed its own ringlet curls. However, I decided that I wanted to blow dry my hair, so my new curls didn’t live very long.

My hair typically responds to heat in a predictable way. It straightens out, but it is still left with a lot of unwanted body.

However, today, I found that my hair was left far more manageable.

I have yet to be disappointed by my new, inverted wash style, and I hope if you have hair like mine, you’ll feel inspired to break some rules and try something new. I know you’re probably thinking, “Is conditioning before shampooing really that incredible?” Originally, I was under the same impression, but who knew that such a simple change could have such an interesting impact.

I definitely recommend. Let us know how it works for you, and feel free to submit your favorite beauty routines to the site!