Hitting up the drugstore makeup aisle is probably my favorite pastime. Picking up new lipstick bullets and blushes feels like I’m arming myself with new personas to try on and trash, and its addicting. And with school out for the summer leaving me with an endless stretch of free time (not counting the stack of summer work still waiting for me on my desk) and my favorite gang of Youtube beauty gurus churning out vid after vid of makeup tutorials for me to test out, it’s hard to resist the siren’s song of makeup sitting on stocked shelves.

But what’s even harder than keeping my hands out of my wallet and products on the shelves is keeping my makeup on my face. In Memphis, mid-July, 90° weather where the air can be cut up and squeezed into a nasty cocktail of summer sweat and humidity, a beat face can turn into a melted one in no time flat. Luckily, spending years doing homework with Michelle Phan playing on heavy rotation in the background has taught me a thing or two about beating the summer heat and keeping my face #flawless by using these makeup tips.

Start with a Primer:

Take time to prime as priming your skin helps lock in foundation making it long-lasting while also smoothing out the complexion and minimizing pores. I use Maybelline’s New York Master Prime Blur + Redness which is lightweight and tinted green to cancel out any redness. E.l.f also has a nice one, their Studio Blemis Control Primer, meant for acne. Eyeshadow primer is also a good idea as it’ll not only boost your eyeshadows longevity but also its overall color.

Switch up your Foundation:

If you normally wear powder foundation, try switching to a lightweight liquid foundation which won’t dissolve from sweat and humidity like a powder does. Light liquid foundations like BB creams are more breathable and won’t clog up pores and often come with spf, like Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream ( I personally use their Dream Pure BB Cream for my acne prone skin ).

Choose Creams:

Unless you’re going for a dessert look, try to avoid powder which easily cake up when mixed with sweat. Instead, opt for cream based makeup like L’Oréal’s Visible Lift Blur blush or Maybelline’s Face Studio Master Strobe highlight or their Color Tattoo eyeshadow pots.

Line with Liquid Liner:

Eyeliner pencils are often made from wax which melts from heat. Go for a liquid or gel liner instead like Wet n Wild’s Mega Liner or (for me) Maybelline’s Master Precise Eyeliner which, once dry, won’t budge no matter the weather.

Waterproof your Lashes:

Switch to waterproof mascara like Covergirl’s Lashblast Volume Waterproof Mascara. It’s waterproof. ‘Nuff said.

Ready, Set, Go:

You’ve finished your makeup, but just before you’re out the door, spritz some setting spray like NYX’s Setting Spray  or my Maybelline Face Studio Master Fix Setting Spray (what can I say, I’m a Maybelline kind of gal ) to keep your makeup masterpiece looking fresh and flawless till the end of time.

Artwork by Emily