To me, a rule breaker is someone who, obviously breaks rules, but does so in such a way that allows for others to follow. Some of my favorite rule breakers really pave the way for a completely different style and attitude. To make my list brief: Vampira, Morticia Addams, Lily Munster, and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. These spooky babes taught me a lot, but each had one specific lesson for me.

First up, Vampira, since she was, of course, the first of these spooky babes to hit the screen in 1959. Vampira was really the first rule breaker. She was the first to show that women didn’t have to look, or act a certain way to be taken seriously. (Even though Plan 9 was not a very serious film.) There is something glamorous about her style. The black dress, and matching nails, with the cinched waist. She showed that there was something other then pastels, polka dots, and poodle skirts. She was the definition of fierce and showed me something unique. She taught me that being yourself can be, and look a little scary sometimes.

Morticia Addams comes second. She, in my opinion, is perhaps the most loving, and gentle, rule breaker on the list. She has such unconditional love for her family and overflowing sense of understanding towards others. She sets the example of the kind, loving, and affectionate person that I try to be. Sometimes it’s not so easy being so soft-spoken. She taught me to handle myself with grace and approach any situation with kindness.

Next is Lily Munster. Most consider her to be knock-off Morticia Addams; however, Lily Munster has a personality all her own. Where Morticia’s gentle sensibilities fail, Lily’s righteous fury takes over. That isn’t to say she’s angry all the time. She is very reasonable and fair, and her anger is more on the fervent, and passionate side. She’s ready for anything and is unafraid to take matters into her own hands. She has the kind of fire that we should all attack life with. She taught me passion, and how to speak up for myself.

Last, but not least, is Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. She is arguably one of my favorites on the list because she is the “punniest”. She’s the queen of one-liners and awful jokes. Elvira made the list because of her confidence. With Elvira, attitude is everything She knows exactly who she is, and what she wants at all times. In some, that kind of confidence could easily become cockiness, but not with her. Elvira taught me confidence to the umpteenth degree.

Above all, these women are all unapologetically genuine (even though they’re characters for tv shows and movies). They are themselves one hundred percent of the time. There’s something special, albeit spooky about that.

~ Grace W.