Once again, GrrlPunch is back for our August addition of GrrlPunch’s Favorite Things! I’ve put together a lil list of stuff that I use (almost) on the daily, things that I simply can’t imagine life without. So, without further or do, scroll on down!!!



Wattpad is simultaneously the core and bane of my existence. I’m obviously a writer, and I love to get my ideas out there before anyone else does, and Wattpad is a brilliant place for writers like me to do just that! An account is free, and you don’t even just write- you read, too!! I can just lie around on my bed and read all day, picking and choosing books out of my personal library. Beware the fanfictions, however….just beware the fanfictions.

8/10 (you can run into some weird crap, and sometimes it’s not user-friendly, especially while going through updates)


OGX Hydrating Lotion


This. Stuff. Is. For. Real. The one in the blue bottle? Argan Oil of Morocco? Yeah. It may be hard to rub in, but that’s how you know it’s working. Plus, it smells just like the soap, so on mornings that I feel groggy and gross (but don’t have time to shower), I can just slap this stuff on for the time being! P.S. Try their other soaps and shampoos- LIFE-CHANGING.



John Mayer’s Continuum


Okay. This album is from 2007. If you’re as much of a fan of John Mayer as I am (second favorite musician EVER), then you probably already appreciate this album immensely. It’s the perfect combination of rock and pop rock, blended with his signature soft blues-rock sound, and packed full with beautiful guitar solos and riffs that are true and distinctly John.



Timex Ironman 30-Lap Watch


unnamed-1Without this watch, my life would be a deranged tornado of misunderstanding and loss of knowledge concerning space and time. Does that make sense? Exactly. That’s how much this watch means to me. When I’m not wearing it, I’m useless. Especially at chorus concerts. Mine’s grey and black. Plus, it’s waterproof! Score!!!!



Out From Under Adele Fusion Lace Triangle Bra


I really recommend this bra to anyone who wants to look super cute while still being comfortable. It’s thin, stretchy, and comes in two colors on urbanoutfitters.com; burnt orange (more mustard yellow) and blue (like really light sky blue). I own the blue one, and it has yet to disappoint me at all. Go do your boobs a favor.



Large Flannels


I live in flannels. I find them everywhere from the men’s department of Target to scattered all over Goodwill, and if you’re really fancy, you can find them on Etsy or Ebay. They go with almost anything and bring a certain casual note to dressier outfits. They’re really comfy after getting out of the shower or heading to school. Highly recommend.



Larabar Original Fruit & Nut Bars


Four words: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. This nutritional bar is made of four things, those ingredients being cashews, dates, chocolate chips, and sea salt. But how can those things together taste anything remotely like cookie dough? You’ll just have to try it. Also, I suggest trying cherry pie, coconut chocolate chip, lemon bar, and if you’re feeling festive, I hear that gingerbread hits the spot.

9/10 (they smell kinda weird, and texture may be an issue!)

I hope that this list of my favorite things will inspire you to go out and at least consider buying them, because the payback is enormous. Peace out, grrls!

Reed x