At least once if your life, you’ve taken one of those online quizzes (probably on Buzzfeed) to determine or confirm whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. I know I have…multiple times. Each time, however, I was bothered because I kept getting different results. I mean, yeah, all of the quizzes probably ask different questions, and you’re probably wondering why I’m relying so heavily on online quizzes that are most likely unreliable to begin with; but I wasn’t getting a definite answer and it was beginning to irritate me. How can you not lean towards one side or another? It never seemed to register to me that there could be a comfortable middle ground; but then I came upon a quiz that I had surprisingly not taken, and I got a response that I had never gotten before: “Congrats, you’re an ambivert!”

I’ve never been able to fully commit to being strictly introverted or strictly extroverted. I am extremely shy and quiet around people I do not know very well, and I really enjoy my own company, but if I am alone for long periods of time I get really bored, and I drown in my own thoughts. On the other hand, I love going out and doing new things, and I thrive within the company of friends and acquaintances, but that easily drains me to the point I have to take at least a whole day of my own company to reenergize myself. Fortunately, the struggle to fully relate to being one or other was finally over, and now there was an entirely new category that I could fully relate to.

If the term “ambivert” is new to you, I’ll put it in simple terms: an ambivert possesses both introverted and extroverted traits, often bouncing between the two in order to find some type of balance. Ambiverts need both personal and social settings to be happy, and we basically enjoy doing anything until we don’t anymore, which can be an inconvenience at times, but working to find the balance is key!

After discovering and embracing the lifestyle of an ambivert, I feel like I have found my balance in wonderful land of the middle ground. I know my limits and boundaries, and through this, I can comfortably proceed with my everyday life without being confused as to why I am so unhappy sometimes when I am doing the things I usually like. I know how long I can go or how much I can do without becoming socially exhausted, and I know just how long I can stand my own company before my own thoughts drop a bomb on me. Though it may seem like a tedious and high maintenance lifestyle, this middle ground is a fun and comfy place because I no longer feel obligated to relate to one extreme or another. If you are sitting here realizing that you relate to me or these traits of an ambivert, then welcome aboard pals! If not, it’s all good; you learn something new everyday: either that “ambiverts” are an actual thing, or that taking an unhealthy number of personality quizzes can actually pay off.

With overwhelming love,