The obsessive culture in which we exist makes it easier than ever for us to overwhelm ourselves with information coming from every angle. When we find something we like, we instantly love it. And obsessions are nearly inevitable.

We find someone, love them, and instantly idolize them. However, the moment we discover something “human” about them, it’s ruined. Not necessarily because the new findings were truly that disturbing but merely because they managed to destroy the image we held of them in our mind. Proving that they, our obsessions, are not everything we could ever aspire to be: perfect.

We can accept that ourselves personally will never attain perfection, yet it hurts to discover that your role model won’t either.

Whether it’s your mom, a friend, a teacher, or even an Instagram celebrity, there is going to come a day when you realize you role model is just a person. They might be an incredibly insightful and inspiring person, but, nevertheless, they are just a person with faults, regrets, and a string of bad decisions they’ve made.

Human isn’t easy to fall in love with. It’s not easy to be obsessed with imperfections and weaknesses. It’s difficult to hold on to role model after you realize they are also a person.

Their shortcomings question the vitality of their inspiration, strength, or whatever other quality originally drew you to them. The discovery of their faults and imperfections makes it truly challenging to stay inspired and obsessed.

However, masked in this uncertainty of your role model’s true identity, is a quality that is more inspiring than all others: the fact that they are human. They, like all of us, have flaws, struggles, and failures. And, if they don’t, then they aren’t a worthy role model.

Because to be human, to display faults, to accept your doubts, and to still manage to be self-assured while doing so is the most inspiring quality of all.