Last year I came across an indie, Spanish girl band from Madrid that absolutely rocked my world. Although they were new to me, Hinds formed in 2011 and consists of members Carlotta Cosials, Ana Perrote, Ade Martin, and Amber Grimbergen. Originally named “Deers”, the women renamed the group to “Hinds,” meaning female deer, after a spat with another similarly named band. These hard hitting ladies have released one album and two singles since the name change in January of 2015, but started on websites like BandCamp (my reason for breathing and essentially the reason my playlists are incredible). This unique girl band has an unfaltering closeness between each member, giving their performances, interviews, and music videos a sense of intimacy that makes this band so electric. Girls need to stick together and the ladies of Hinds are a model we should all follow. Like most outspoken females, they are honest, straightforward, and bold.

Their music style can be described as “garage, lo fidelity rock” that sounds like a combination of the Velvet Underground, The Strokes, and the Vaccines making each song a different experience for listeners. Recently, the group has embarked on their first tour, playing in the UK, Thailand, Australia, Belgium, the US, etc.

If I had to single out a few of my favorite songs, which is a hard thing to do, I would most definitely pick Bamboo, San Diego, Chili Town, and Fat Calmed Kiddos. My heart goes out to these lovely ladies for their musical endeavors, keep rocking, Hinds!

Much Love Always,


Art by Emily Z