White feminism is so serious and it makes me so sad. Well, any type of negative inclination to a cause, a word, a feeling I so deeply call as my own makes me sad. So when I’m listening to an incredibly intellectual Black woman speak up about how she’s tired of this pale bullshit dominance over a movement about equality, I’m confused. I had to pull myself out from beneath my seat and ask myself am I apart of this one sided tango fighting for selfish causes or for the masses?

There is a social construct we are all born into. Our identity can form through one’s actions but privilege is something only some of us are born with. I cannot help that I am a white woman born into an upper-middle class family, but I can do my best to understand my dominance in situations. I should definitely celebrate the unheard colored woman. Women like Maria Stewart who, even during slavery, had dreams for colored women’s success in politics and reform. Progressive musicians in a man’s world like Sister Souljah or Missy Elliott who reminded black women that they too are smart and strong. Kathleen Cleaver, Angela Davis, Assata Shakur: founders of the Black Panther Party movement, who seldom grace our history books. When a group of people are not recognized, a story is lost in this beautiful world. As Heine, a German Jewish playwright so elegantly puts it, “when you burn books, you will in the end burn people too.” We all must play a part in listening and opening our ears to all groups of people so we can learn and understand our world as a better place.