Everybody has a place they consider sacred in this world. Whether that’s a temple, a church, a classroom, a field etc. For me, that’s the stage. Being on stage, the center of attention, is the only situation in which I am forced to be completely in the moment. If you are not completely in the moment when you’re on stage, people watching will notice this and not be convinced that you are in touch with your character or the show as a whole. Consciously knowing that your voice is filling a room leaves a person with a sense of responsibility. This may stress certain people out but personally, it motivates and inspires me to perform at the best of my ability. Participating in theatre gives one the opportunity to not simply portray a certain character, but to become that character. Being on stage, feeling the crowd watching, gives me goosebumps. It overcomes me with a sense of incomparable exhilaration and passion.